Emiliano Altera

Emiliano moved to Stockholm from Buenos Aires in 1983. In 1986, he was introduced to hip hop culture through the film Style Wars which was shown on Swedish television. It inspired Emiliano to start painting graffiti mainly along the northern commuter train line in Stockholm.

In 1998, Emiliano moved to Florence, Italy where he attended The Florence Academy of Art. In 2001, Emiliano started at the documentary film school Norden in Chile, via Biskops Arnö. Followed by the advanced course: Film for change.

In 2011, Emiliano started with art film. Where he began experimenting with sound film without dialogue in various independent projects.

In 2021, Emiliano started a documentary film project about Swedish mixed martial arts entitled "Mer än bara en fight" ("More than a fight" in English), which is still going on today.